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'Witches Of East End': Past Ingrid Returns To Seek Revenge

Hollywood Life: The truth about Freya (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) and Killian's (Daniel di Tomasso) engagement-party kiss finally came out on Witches of East End's Nov. 17 episode, and honestly, I didn't even feel badly when Dash (Eric Winter) ditched Freya for London.
'Witches of East End Season 2' Finale: The Family Secret Is OUT!

- 2 weeks ago @ The Season 2 finale of the "Witches of East End" was aired last Oct. 5 in a two-hour episode entitled, "Box to the Future; For Whom the Spell trolls". The week before, Wendy, Freya and Joana decided to revisit one of their previous lives while Dash's ...

'The Lottery' canceled; what does this mean for 'Witches of East End' season 3

- 1 week ago @ For example, “Devious Maids” has already been renewed for another season, but the jury is still out on another popular show in “Witches of East End.” While we're sad for fans of “The Lottery,” at the same time its end may be a reason to have more ...

Witches of East End season 2 episode 10 The Fall of the House of Beauchamp

- 1 week ago @ Witches of East End left us picking our jaws up from the floor at the end of last week's episode as Joanna (Julia Ormond) and Wendy (Madchen Amick) discovered that Tarkoff (James Marsters) had murdered Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum) and Ingrid (Rachel ...

Two copies of Witches of East End: Complete S1f2 son One to be won

- 1 week ago @ Witches of East End flies on to UK DVD on 27th October, and we've got two copies to give away to UK readers. Based on the best-selling books of the same name by Melissa de la Cruz, Witches of East End tells the story of small-town art teacher Joanna ...



Ghost Hunter

Jackson County is haunted by ghosts. Just ask Adrian Lee. He’s seen them. And talked with them. And recorded them.

From fires and 'souling' to trick-or-treat, Halloween has long roots

Ghouls and goblins, pirates and princesses, and more than a few characters from "Frozen." These creatures and many others will traverse city streets tonight in search of candy.But just a few generations ago, trick-or-treating was unheard of as mischief was the order of the day. Children in Appalachia would overturn outhouses while youth in Colorado would remove gates from ranchers' farms. In ...

Witches of East End season 2 episode 12 Box to the Future preview

Entertainment Focus: Ingrid (Rachel Boston) plotted to take down her grandfather Rey (Steven Berkoff) once and for all in the latest episode of Witches of East End. The cunning Beauchamp sister stayed in the present day when Joanna (Julia Ormond), Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum) ...

'Scream' TV Show News: MTV Gives Full Series Order for Show, Character Descriptions Revealed

Another scary TV show is about to make its debut next year as MTV has given the nod for a full series order for "Scream." The show is based on the popular 90's movie franchise from Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson.

Lots of spooky activities on offer for East Lancashire Hallowe'en fans

HALLOWE’EN fans looking to take part in some spooky activities in East Lancashire this week won’t be left at a ‘dead end’.

10 of the best places to celebrate Halloween around the world

Surprisingly, the tradition of Halloween originated in Ireland and not in America as many of you might think. Halloween traditions vary all over the world, from solemn remembrance ceremonies to dressing up in costumes and celebrating all things scary. If Halloween is your favourite holiday, then you should put these celebrations down on your travel bucket list.

Lots of spooky activities on offer for East Lancashire Halowe'en fans

HALLOWE’EN fans looking to take part in some spooky activities in East Lancashire this week won’t be left at a ‘dead end’.

Halloween 2014: Readers tell us the spookiest things that have happened to them - with pictures!

Prepare to be chilled to the bone - or just enjoy the spooky Halloween vibe of these reports and pictures from Chronicle readers



TIME Magazine Compares Witches To Terrorists - The Inquisitr

The Witches of East End shows us strong, independent women who embrace who they are and protect their family at all costs. The Vampire Diaries give us Bonnie, the ever loyal best friend, and who can forget the much loved world of Harry Potter that ...

'Witches of East End' Season 3 -- Is the show cancelled or renewed? Series of

Venture Capital Post: Prior to Killian's reincarnation, after King Nicholas -- who uses Tommy's body -- fought with Joanna, Freya, Ingrid and Wendy, the royal evidently lost after being too weakened by the witches' combined sorcery. He left Tommy's corpse, and that led to ...

Witches of East End season 2 episode 11 Poe Way Out video preview

Entertainment Focus: Witches of East End continues tonight and we've got our hands on two clips from the brand new episode. In the first clip Killian (Daniel Di Tomasso) turns to witchcraft to try and bring Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum) back unaware that she is actually still ...

'Witches of East End' Season 3 Spoilers: Renewal expected soon to conclude

Venture Capital Post: 'Witches of East End' Season 3 is highly anticipated as it needs to answer a lot of questions. Will Freya and the real Killian pursue their relationship? What will happen to Aunt Wendy? Do you think Dash will be Ingrid's love interest? Lifetime hasn't ...

Fangs For The Fantasy: Witches of East End, Season 2

Witches of East End , Season 2, Episode 13: For Whom the Spell Tolls. Ingrid is Nikolaus's prisoner and he's apparently just finished torturing her in the name of punishing her to make her obedient. This is something he's done ...

All the Craziest Things From the 2-Hour Witches of East End Finale

If you're not watching The Witches of East End , I wouldn't say you're missing out, exactly. Sometimes, the show's a veritable cornucopia of ridiculous, over-the-top bits that are a delightful way to spend an hour. Sometimes ...

Witches of East End - Box to the Future and For Whom the Spell

The two-part season finale of Witches of East End was as full of magical twists and dark shocks as we've come to expect from the show, with a healthy dose of soapiness as well. While Joanna, Wendy, and Freya had to find a ...


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